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[News] AmiGBG 2003 on Saturday !ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Mar-2003 19:31 GMT by Gunne Steen (Edited on 2003-03-26 21:11:03 GMT by Christian Kemp)59 comments
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This is an announcement ! You aren't going to miss this year AmiGBG fair, are you ? This is an announcement !

You aren't going to miss this year AmiGBG fair, are you ?

It will take place now on Saturday, please see AmiGBG for further information.

And don't forget to visit our both, we will have things for showing, and for you to buy and bring with you back from the show.

This time we will be visited by Jens Schönfeld from Individual Computers, who will show some of his latest and excellent products, and he will of course also try to answer all questions you might have about his products.

Jens is comfirmed on the way, but not yet arriwed, hopefully before Saturday !

Also it seems we will have new sending of Pegasosboards before Saturday. So you who have preordered, or you who is about to change your non-april board to an April board, can hopefully do this on Saturday.

Pegasos is confirmed on the way, but not yet arriwed, hopefully before Saturday !

And also it seems it might be a chance that we will have AmigaOne boards before Saturday. So for you who have preordered there is a chance you can get your board on Saturday.

AmigaOne is confirmed on the way, but not yet arriwed, hopefully before Saturday !

Please note that we can not afford to build computersystems during the show, so we have to deliver ready made systems after.

So now rush out and get the bus, train or rocket ticket or prepare your bicycle so you can be at AmiGBG on Saturday.

AmiGBG 2003 - made just for you !

Welcome !

Gunne Steen, GGS-Data, www.ggsdata.se

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