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Posted on 03-May-2003 13:23 GMT by Amigan (Edited on 2003-05-03 16:30:31 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)54 comments
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Here is another no payment, we must to know ALL THE TRUTH, not only that BBRV wants to say for his interest and bussines. If you don´t know, Bill Buck was the man behind VISCORP. Clik here
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Comment 1Peter Gordon03-May-2003 11:26 GMT
What about this? : Comment 2 of 54ANN.lu
Posted by bbrv on 03-May-2003 12:11 GMT
Hi Amigan, here is some more information here:


...and how about this post to the Phoenix Game Team mailing list in February:

------ Forwarded Message
From: "Jolyon Ralph" <jolyon@mways.co.uk>
Reply-To: GameTeam@phinixi.com
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 18:51:59 -0000
To: <GameTeam@phinixi.com>
Subject: RE: [GameTeam] RE: Game Team on amiga.org thread

Hello All

A quick introduction to those who don't know me...

I'm Jolyon Ralph, I was Technical Director of Almathera Systems, who
published stuff for Amiga, CDTV and CD32 between 1992 and 1997. I was
involved directly in projects such as Photogenics and Video Creator and I
did a lot of work on things you have never seen, or never saw the light of
day, such as work with Carl Sassenrath developing the graphics library
subsystem for an amiga-based set-top-box that never saw the light of day. We
also had a lot of little games and projects in development which would be
ideal for this new projects. Noone here except me has ever seen "Katch the
Kat". That'll probably be my first port to this box as it was entirely
written in C. I hope you'll enjoy it :)

Before that I wrote lots of articles on Amiga 68000 programming and all
sorts of other things for magazines such as Amiga Computing, Amiga Format,
Amiga Shopper, Amiga User International, etc.

Oh, and a quick word about the rumours about Almathera/Viscorp - a lot of
things were said about the demise of Almathera and viscorp's part in it,
some attributed to me, which were simply not true. If they were true I
wouldn't be so happy to be working with Bill again, and I'm certainly happy


-----end of message-----

...and in the meanwhile subscribe to the REBOL mailing list at Phoenix if you are interested in what Carl is doing these days.

Have a nice weekend!
Raquel and Bill
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