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Posted on 18-May-2003 11:28 GMT by z56 comments
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Get active! Comments, votes, demo chart at Amiga Demoscene Archive

Finally had some time to work on the comments/votes again. I knew there was something wrong with the comments, as i saw votes appearing without comments. At some stage months ago, a bug slipped into the code, meaning that newly registered users didn't see their added comments appearing on the site. Unfortunately, the comments were added to the database, but the username was not. So i had to delete all those comments. This bug is finally fixed so i hope that people will give it another go. Sorry for all lost comments.

I changed the comments system. You can now add as much comments as you like on each demo, but only one vote is allowed. I hope to add more features in the coming weeks, like password retrieval by email, ability to change vote and more... Also, check the comments page because i added a top 20 demo chart and last votes.

Now to the main point...We have done our best to make this site as interesting as possible. 274 demos with 2620 screenshots so far and a lot more demos coming in the future. But this site could be much more interesting if people added their comments, opinions and feelings on the productions. For me, it's always interesting to read what other people think about the demos here on A.D.A. Same goes for the votes. It doesn't take much time and if we get enough votes, then i could do a chart page with best intro, demo, 4k, AGA, OCS,... but this is only possible if we have a lot of votes (check out the top 20 demo chart now on the comments page).

To conclude, i would say that this website grows as interesting as you, visitor, decides. I intend to keep the site alive for a long time in the future. But i hope that in a few years time, A.D.A. will be a nice place to comeback to, reading about the demos that rocked our world.

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