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[Forum] Articia: Still DMA-problems?ANN.lu
Posted on 20-May-2003 11:16 GMT by Senex122 comments
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From a news-item at VGR.com it appears that the current Articia-northbridges might still have DMA-related problems: "Mr. S.W. who sends over screen shots of newer AmigaOne 800mhz G4 hardware, has sent over 2 screen shots of the new A1 with G4 running 'amigaone xe/g4 7451 800mhz, excalibur radeon 9000 pro 64mb ddr ram, valueram kvr133x72rc3/256 kingston'. He wants to know '.. if other aone users have that problem as well..', 'it never outputs the same checksum with dma enabled when testing an iso file which is larger than the swap space used'

You can see the Radeon 9000 Pro screen shots here: DMA On & DMA Off."
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Articia: Still DMA-problems? : Comment 23 of 122ANN.lu
Posted by Jürgen Schober on 20-May-2003 13:08 GMT
In reply to Comment 19 (Christophe Decanini):
I understand. And this is a serious issue. Believe me. That is also the reason why I mentioned we have known trouble (see posting above).

Please note. The board is a new product. We had to go public with it. These sort of things happen at startup. That's usual.

We (and Hyperion/Eyetech/Mai) do everything we can to get the issue sorted out for our customers ASAP. At least we will see a Firmware/Kernel update thru retail dealers as soon as we have a solution.

Jürgen Schober
#26 David Scheibler
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