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[Web] MAI Logic unveils specs of 2 brand new PPC Articia ChipsetANN.lu
Posted on 16-Aug-2003 17:45 GMT by Raffaele9 comments
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Mai Logic has released PDF specs files of the two new announced Chipset system for PPC. New chipset are named Articia P and Articia SA. Links to PDF files are at Articia P page and Articia SA page

Specs for Articia SA:

CPU bus speed of 166 MHz,
and the extended data throughput of 64-bit PCI

Specs for Articia P:

Articia P's groundbreaking architecture enables five buses to run concurrently in one package.
The five buses are CPU bus, memory bus, and three configurable peripheral buses:
32-bit AGP4X for industry-strength multimedia performance,
64-bit 133/66MHz PCIX for high-bandwidth connectivity,
and 32-bit 66/33MHz PCI for legacy, low-speed devices.

166 MHz Front Side Bus,
333 MHz DDR memory controller,
AGP4X core logic,
dual 64-bit PCIXs,
programmable Interrupt Controller,
DMA controllers,
integrated Clock Generator,
Global Timers

I forwarded these news from Amiganews.

Enjoy it.


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