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[News] AOS4 on A1 VideoANN.lu
Posted on 16-Oct-2003 15:44 GMT by Rassilon AKA Lewis Brunton18 comments
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As it says in the title: AOS4 shown booting on the A1 (Please note that debug option is enabled, this is shown in the video as modem activity). Web site with video's
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Comment 1itix16-Oct-2003 14:00 GMT
Comment 2Anders Kjeldsen16-Oct-2003 14:07 GMT
Comment 3Lando16-Oct-2003 14:41 GMT
Comment 4Rassilon AKA Lewis Brunton16-Oct-2003 14:44 GMT
Comment 5Don CoxRegistered user16-Oct-2003 14:53 GMT
Comment 6itix16-Oct-2003 14:56 GMT
Comment 7Anonymous16-Oct-2003 15:51 GMT
Comment 8Elwood16-Oct-2003 15:51 GMT
Comment 9Joe "Floid" Kanowitz16-Oct-2003 16:07 GMT
Comment 10NihilVor16-Oct-2003 16:18 GMT
Comment 11Anonymous16-Oct-2003 16:22 GMT
Comment 12Joe "Floid" Kanowitz16-Oct-2003 17:26 GMT
Comment 13nasu16-Oct-2003 18:00 GMT
Comment 14I'm not Eva16-Oct-2003 18:14 GMT
Comment 15Peter Gordon16-Oct-2003 18:21 GMT
Comment 16T_Bone16-Oct-2003 20:03 GMT
Comment 17MIKE17-Oct-2003 14:09 GMT
Comment 18BrianK17-Oct-2003 19:12 GMT
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