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[News] Genesi USA going to move principal office into Cheyenne Technology CorridorANN.lu
Posted on 19-Nov-2003 17:56 GMT by Martin 'Senex' Heine (Edited on 2003-11-19 21:51:47 GMT by Christian Kemp)38 comments
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As Genesi S.à.r.l. announces, its american subsidiary Genesi USA is going to move its prinicipal office in January into the Northport building complex in Northern Las Vegas, which has been developed by the Jackson Shaw Company. Northport is part of the Cheyenne Technology Corridor. Cheyenne Technology Corridor
Continues to add High Tech Firms

North Las Vegas – Today, the Cheyenne Technology Corridor welcomed another high tech tenant. Genesi USA, a computer systems company, has agreed to terms with Northport, a Jackson Shaw development in the CTC. The company will move into its facility in January.

Genesi SARL, a Luxembourg based company, introduced the Pegasos in October 2003. Culminating over five years of development, the Pegasos is a high-performance PowerPC based modular MicroATX mainboard for use in a variety of applications, including desktops, workstations, servers and communications products. Based on industry standards, such as Open Firmware, the Pegasos supports multiple operating systems including varieties of Linux and BSD. The Pegasos is the first new hardware and operating system platform brought to market in many years. Pegasos computers run multiple operating systems, including MorphOS, a new non-UNIX based operating system, OpenBSD, the standard for security in operating systems and various distributions of Linux for the PowerPC®. Genesi has been designated as an IBM Business Partner and carries the Ready for IBM Technology mark on four of its products, PegasosPPC, PegXLin, MorphOS, and OpenBSD for PegasosPPC. Product details are available at <www.genesi.lu>. Genesi USA will be the focus of US computer assembly operations for Genesi.

When asked why Genesi USA chose the CTC as its new home, Paul Adams said, “After evaluating Nevada, Maine, Alabama, Florida and Texas as possible locations, we determined that the best overall business climate was in Southern Nevada. The other states offered many things, including free land for our facility and a year’s worth of free rent; but, in the end, the favorable tax structure, the assistance of the City of North Las Vegas and the Community College of Southern Nevada provided a business climate that was much more supportive than anything we had seen in other states.”

Mike Carroll, Vice President of Development for Jackson-Shaw said, “We are very proud to welcome Genesi USA to Northport. The CTC continues to thrive and add new businesses to the North Las Vegas economy. We look forward to more successes for the CTC.”

Mike Majewski, who is the Economic Development Director for the City of North Las Vegas said, “It took a community-wide effort to secure Genesi in North Las Vegas, but the potential economic impacts to the CTC and all of Southern Nevada is phenomenal. This partnership between the City, real estate developers, and education was recently honored as the recipient of the Excellence in Economic Development award sponsored by the International Economic Development Council.”

Through a public/private alliance, the Cheyenne Technology Corridor is bringing more technology businesses to Southern Nevada. The partnership includes the City of North Las Vegas, the Brennan Brothers, Jackson Shaw, RDS/Insight, LLC, Stoltz Management and Harsch Investment Properties.

The Cheyenne Technology Corridor is an integrated, accessible and diversified technology district offering advanced systems and infrastructure, state-of-the-art transportation and communication alternatives, and a knowledgeable and experienced workforce.
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