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[News] New product: IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle ProANN.lu
Posted on 12-Dec-2003 18:48 GMT by Felix Schwarz22 comments
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As a special gift to our customers, IOSPIRIT are - for the first time - offering a bundle with all our graphics programs at an especially attractive price of only 99 EUR (you save 40%, more than 60 EUR).

The "IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle Pro" contains the respectively latest, full versions of fxPAINT 2.0, fxSCAN 4.0 and VHI Studio 6.0

The bundle is only available as 3 CD-set and only as long as stock lasts.

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New product: IOSPIRIT Graphics Megabundle Pro : Comment 16 of 22ANN.lu
Posted by Don Cox on 14-Dec-2003 12:39 GMT
In reply to Comment 15 (Anonymous):
"For PersonalPaint, it's an 8 Bit painter, does not even run on MorphOS"

It should do. It runs fine on Amithlon - much better than on an A4000. It also runs on CGFX on an A4000. The point I made was that it has better support for text. Typing the text you want into a single line in a modal requester is clumsy and outdated.

Obviously the demo does a bad job of selling the program. I still say that a _paint_ program (and even an image-processing program) should have a simple icon for cutting out parts of an image to use as custom brushes, as Art Effect does.

There should also be a way to attach any image to any brush as the 8-bit alpha channel for that brush (scaled to fit). This allows you to design your own "media" (like chalk, airbrush, watercolour, etc).

FXPaint has a false distinction between "images" and "brushes". There should be a single selection panel, so that any image (including a small image cut from a large one) can be used as a brush, or as an alpha channel or layer mask. It isn't the only program with this problem.

I also stand by my criticism of the palette file format.

At least my comments brought out some reports from actual users, which is what was wanted.
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