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[Files] NIM new game for AMIGAANN.lu
Posted on 20-Apr-2004 23:15 GMT by amipuzas10 comments
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A new version of the classical game NIM to download is in: http://www.iespana.es/armagazine/ficheros/nim.lha enjoy it RTG MOS AOS UAE ETC...
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Comment 2Kid X21-Apr-2004 05:24 GMT
Comment 3Emeric SH21-Apr-2004 05:58 GMT
Comment 4SenexRegistered user21-Apr-2004 06:40 GMT
Comment 5trott3r21-Apr-2004 14:47 GMT
Comment 6trott3r21-Apr-2004 14:52 GMT
Comment 7Anonymous21-Apr-2004 16:21 GMT
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Comment 9Marcus Karlsson23-Apr-2004 04:44 GMT
Comment 10Lawskool24-Apr-2004 14:02 GMT
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