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[News] Pagestream 5.0 has been announced by Grasshopper LLCANN.lu
Posted on 13-Jun-2004 10:52 GMT by takemehomegrandma15 comments
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Grasshopper LLC has announced Pagestream 5.0. The MorphOS version will be available later this month together with the AmigaOS 68k version.

New in PageStream 5.0:

- Alpha Blending for Text and Objects
- Picture Transparency
- Text Widow and Orphan Control
- Definable Printer Marks
- More Shortcuts
- Path Flatten and Smooth
- Hanging Bullets, DropCaps and Number
- New Duplicate Objects Method
- and more!

New in PageStream 5.0 Pro:

- Place PDF Objects
- Export Objects as Bitmap
- Automatically Adjust Text Width Justify
- Gradient/Radial Blend Masks for Pictures/EPS/PDF/Drawings
- Path Math: Union/Add/Unique/Subtract
- and more!

The Windows and Linux versions are the first available for download. Additional web site details, online documentation, and demos will be updated over the next week.

The Amiga 68k and MorphOS download are to follow later this month. Due to internal problems, the Mac OSX version will come shortly later but those patient customers will be receive 5.0 instead of 4.1 at no additional charge. The AmigaOS4 version schedule will depend on new developments with Amiga Inc now out of the picture.

While the Windows and Linux versions are available for download, they are not available in CD form at this time. We are still working to improve the Windows interface (the same interface code used in 4.1.6 is used in 5.0), and we also hope that feedback from initial users will help mold this version. As anyone who has been a PageStream user in the past knows, we are continually updating our products and the rate of change is greatest when a product is first made available. Four features have already been added this week in response to feedback from our customers, and a fifth and sixth is being worked on now (adding print to bitmap support and support for more TIFF file formats).


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Pagestream 5.0 has been announced by Grasshopper LLC : Comment 1 of 15ANN.lu
Posted by takemehomegrandma on 13-Jun-2004 08:57 GMT
This is truly great news IMHO! :-D


At any price PageStream is a bargain, but PageStream's new low pricing is a steal. Retail price is a fraction of the other DTP applications at only $99, and the PageStream5.0 Professional package is only $149. But don't let our low prices fool you into thinking PageStream is low-end! PageStream4.1 customers can upgrade to 5.0 for only $40, PageStream4.1 Professional customers can upgrade to 5.0 Professional for only $40, and upgrade multiple copies for even less. Customers of prior versions of PageStream (4.0, 3.x, 2.x and 1.x) can upgrade for just $75. Other discounts exist. Check out our order page for more details on pricing."

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