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[News] WinFellow project looking for beta testersANN.lu
Posted on 01-Jul-2004 13:36 GMT by Torsten Enderling4 comments
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As some people already noticed, there has recently been activity on the WinFellow SourceForge project homepage (read: "WinFellow is NOT dead" :)). And we are looking for beta testers..

It has indeed been a long time since our last release, you might say we took a break of some sorts, but part of the team started to actively develop WinFellow again. We have had several bug fixes and improvements, as well as some experimental new features flowing into WinFellow.

A first call for feedback to our former beta testers didn't give too much response (many old email addresses refused to work), so I'm asking people interested in taking their part in actively helping to develop and improve WinFellow's stability and release quality to contact me. We would like to do a new release, but we'd rather have it tested properly. If you used to belong to our beta team but didn't receive any updates from me, just contact me with your new email address.

We're currently maintaining two versions of WinFellow (two separate CVS branches), one for the unmodified assembler version, one version where portions of the code have been ported to C. If you're interested in testing and comparing these, taking these apart, and consider your technical knowledge good enough to file a bug report (it's really not that hard), I'd be glad to hear from you.

We can use every help we can get in finding bugs in the existing parts of WinFellow as well as testing those two different versions. Just be aware that WinFellow is under constant development and problems are likely to be encountered.

If you're interested, don't hesitate to mail me and after collecting some information I'll let the admin of the EAB set you up as a member of the beta forum which we're going to use to coordinate tests and distribute beta releases. We also have a mailing list at SourceForge that can and will be used for eMail contact. The information asked is solely on your hardware configuration (like processor, graphics card, memory, sound card, etc.) - we need this information to be able to notice and isolate problems related to used hardware.

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