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[Web] What do want to see in AmigaKit.com?ANN.lu
Posted on 02-Jul-2004 17:29 GMT by AmigaKit.com6 comments
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AmigaKit.com has been going for almost a month now. It has generated lots of interest from the Community. Now we need to know what you would like to see in the shop?

Please consider what do you expect from an online Amiga store and what do you wish we stocked?

Please give feedback on AmigaKit.com and make suggestions for improvement.

Many thanks.
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Comment 1Stock some butt plugs, please02-Jul-2004 15:49 GMT
Comment 2Elwood02-Jul-2004 17:30 GMT
Comment 3James Carroll03-Jul-2004 04:39 GMT
Comment 4Lando03-Jul-2004 11:21 GMT
Comment 5XraalE03-Jul-2004 23:14 GMT
Comment 6Anonymous05-Jul-2004 10:43 GMT
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