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[Events] Big Bash 2ANN.lu
Posted on 03-Oct-2004 13:10 GMT by Bobson17 comments
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Just a friendly reminder that the Big Bash2 is on the 16th of this month (which is just short of 2 weeks time.)http://www.emag.me.uk.

Heads up folks...

Just a friendly reminder that the Big Bash2 is on the 16th of this month (which is just short of 2 weeks time.)

Doors open at 6:30pm and close late..

Raffle prizes include a microA1 and a Sil0680 IDE controller card as well as a few other things

Door price is £3. Raffle tickets are also at £3.

There is a free buffet (although there will be a donations jar) and disco

So come feast your eyes on the latest OS4 developments on both the A1 and clasics, have a few beverages, play a quick game of Quake2 and just enjoy yourself.

For more details on the party please goto the website : www.emag.me.uk

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Big Bash 2 : Comment 14 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by trollfighter on 06-Oct-2004 08:33 GMT
In reply to Comment 13 (The_Editor):
Indeed and trolls are walking along. They must have a really boring life. Poor them, I have a lot of pity for them !

Maybe they should consider some reading at:

#15 Teron or AmigaOne?
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