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[News] Pictures of the MicroA1 "Industrial" motherboardANN.lu
Posted on 17-Oct-2004 12:25 GMT by Not ArticiaP69 comments
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On this link you will see three pictures of the MicroA1 "Industrial" motherboard: http://lain.ziaspace.com/~ryu/a1. On the pictures you can see that it still uses the ArticiaS northbridge, as well as the VIA 686B southbridge, but a standalone Sil0680 IDE controller is there as well.
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Pictures of the MicroA1 "Industrial" motherboard : Comment 55 of 69ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 19-Oct-2004 13:22 GMT
In reply to Comment 53 (priest):
> If one uses PCI ricer card with 3 slots, only one PCI card could be used?

It depends.

If you have passive riser (like most risers on the market) you can still use
only one PCI bus master card. In this kind of risers you can use 3 PCI cards
only if they do not work as bus masters. But I doubt if any not bus masters
PCI cards are still on the market (except 10Mbps cards).

There are active PCI risers, which include PCI-to-PCI bridges on-board. But
who know if Articia S supports them without problems?

> Do those stacked PCI-104 share the slot not needing more bus mastering capability?
> But could PCI-104 and PCI share #6? Bus master could then exist only on one or the other?

It looks like the PCI-104 slot in the uA1-I board is reduced PCI-104 slot
(lack of REQ1#, REQ2#, REQ3#, GNT1#, GNT2#, GNT3#). This slot allows to
install only one bus master capable PCI-104 card (controlled by REQ0#, GNT0#).

Or at least two PCI-104 cards when PCI card is not installed in the PCI slot. This is possible only if they decided to share PCI slot' REQ and GNT signals
with PCI-104 slot as the second masters pair (REQ1#, GNT1#).

> For industrial use that could be a superb solution.

But... the uA1-I boards have been offered for Amiga community. We are not
in industrial business here.

> Is there benchmarks of Radeon 7000 with AGP0x/2x/4x speeds?

In PCI mode (AGP x0) all data have to be sent to the Radeon memory by CPU.
In AGP x2 mode (x4, x8) texture data are copied from the system memory to
Radeon 7000 memory without using CPU. Radeon DMA AGP engine does it.

> If the GFX performance drops noticeably when comparing to uA1c, and if there is
> no special use for the Gb ethernet, one might reconsider... (still, the onboard firewire saves one PCI slot...)

Are you sure that in uA1-C the Radeon chip works in AGP x2 mode?
There are no info about the differences in on-board graphic
capabilities in C and I versions in these products advertisements.

Maybe the Radeon 7000 gfx chip in uA1-C is also configured in the PCI mode?
#56 priest
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