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[Forum] AROS for pegasos?ANN.lu
Posted on 18-Oct-2004 19:16 GMT by AROS luddite14 comments
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when or where is Pegasos for aros?
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Comment 1Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user18-Oct-2004 18:03 GMT
Comment 2Anonymous18-Oct-2004 19:17 GMT
Comment 3Anonymous18-Oct-2004 19:24 GMT
Comment 4Ronald St-Maurice18-Oct-2004 19:25 GMT
AROS for pegasos? : Comment 5 of 14ANN.lu
Posted by timofonic on 18-Oct-2004 19:42 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Anonymous):
Yes, there is need... I like the variety, thanks to aros MorphOS development boosted in an important manner, aros seems interesting as a very good (and excelent) R&D effort (one of the most sucessful clone effort I think), actually it cant be considered a usable OS compared with MoprhOS, but its nice probe other OSes and see more OSes ported into Pegasos :)

I think that Pegasos need has more variety in OSes, since BSDs, plan9, beos clones... to experimental operating systems but very interesting... Those programmers will know the Pegasos system and the PowerPC architecture, good for both Genesi & Freescale. And will do easier promote the platform, since it will seem more important because being more supported.
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Comment 6Anonymous19-Oct-2004 03:34 GMT
Comment 7Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user19-Oct-2004 03:36 GMT
Comment 8Ronald St-Maurice19-Oct-2004 04:31 GMT
Comment 9Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user19-Oct-2004 04:43 GMT
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Comment 11Elwood20-Oct-2004 06:39 GMT
Comment 12Fabio AlemagnaRegistered user20-Oct-2004 06:51 GMT
Comment 13hooligan/dcsRegistered user20-Oct-2004 08:31 GMT
Comment 14nyarlathotep20-Oct-2004 10:27 GMT
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