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[Forum] Where can I get the OS?ANN.lu
Posted on 22-Oct-2004 12:00 GMT by Marvin Cassio17 comments
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Good morning. I hope you folks can help me, I'm not sure where else to ask so I'll ask here. I've recently purchased a used AmigaOne off of Ebay, and was told that the operating system comes with the board, but it hasn't been released, but will be sent to me as soon as it is. That's what I was told originally, it was even stated in the ebay sale. Now the story has changed slightly, he bought the board secondhand and has lost contact with the original purchaser so won't be sending me the OS! Do I have to reregister the board to get the OS? How do I get the OS, that I should have had anyway? Thanks for your help.
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Where can I get the OS? : Comment 10 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by PaulT on 22-Oct-2004 16:21 GMT
Bad news. They all lied. There is no OS for that board!

Oh, wait, you'd be satisfied with a beta release? Then you can go through the reasonable steps noted in previous comments. If they have a problem with the original purchaser being on the board still, just give them proof that you have it and have them remove the original purchaser - this assumes some sort of idiotic quota of course. (Proof? Classic approach is take a picture of yourself holding the board, and include a current major newspaper front page in the photograph with the date showing.)

I surely hope that the auction seller did not promise you a T-shirt too!

Why am I being so cynical? Well, this thread might actually be real. But it sounds a lot like someone had too much time on his hands and put together some hypothetical user with a set of problems to illustrate the parts of the AmigaOne community that he doesn't like. Sort of like a letter to Penthouse sex magazine, as a horror story instead of a fantasy - same amount of reality though.
#11 Christophe Decanini
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