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[News] The future of the Amiga games industryANN.lu
Posted on 11-Nov-2000 15:02 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš3 comments
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Amihoo.com have a poll to determine whether there is a future for Amiga game development.

The future of the Amiga games industry : Comment 1 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Troels Ersking on 10-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
nice initiative...but a bit weird questions which can't be of that much help for the game companies, exept say which type of games there's most demand for.
Anyway I think the Amiga games "industry" will stand or fall with the AmigaDE. The Amiga market as it is right now is to split in diffrent directions (MorphOS/PPC/non-PPC etc.)to qualify for larger game developements as there are no real userbase left.
As I see it developers would have the largest userbase for their apps. if they developed ecs/aga 680xx programs only, the problems is that even the owners of these machines wouldn't buy such low spec. software, so the alternative is to go PPC/GFX card only.
Problem is just that the installed PPC userbase is so small that it's a huge risk everytime someone(Hyperion for example) developes a game only for that audience.
When I said AmigaDE will be the future for Amiga games it is simply because I expect it to get a MUCH larger userbase (with better cpu spec.) right away, simply because of the wide selection of machines it will be able to run on.
Therefore i hope to see ALL Amiga game developers to support AmigaDE/SDK as soon as they implement the sound and 3D stuff in the SDK.
The future of the Amiga games industry : Comment 2 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Michael Taylor on 11-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
There is still a demand for games written for 68020 or higher. 040/060 CPUs are high demand. If they could get away from having to DEGRADE caches it would be a lot better. I own a PPC & would Love to have more games written for it as well.
Quake & all of those are alright for a little while, but they aren't the kind of games I really get into. I'm not a player of KILL'EM ALL.
More games using graphic boards would be REALLY nice!! ECS was Okay, but it's OLD. AGA is better but developing for GFX board such as Picasso 4 & others is a must!
I have a winsuck & some games for it. Games are the only reason anymore (really!) that I use winsuck @ all. I still prefer games for the Classic AMIGA but some of those games for the Other platform are VERY sweet on the eyes & hold a lot of playability. The SIMMS, Motocross Madness 2, & some others I can't think of at this moment.
I don't believe the Classic AMIGA is dead. I buy games for it, even hardware. And I will continue to do so! AMIGA Rules!! I hope AMIGA Inc can make AmigaOE rule as well!
The future of the Amiga games industry : Comment 3 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Dave McKergan on 12-Nov-2000 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Michael Taylor):
Nah... As far as I'm concerned, people buy hardware because of a certain game, not the other way around. When I get a new kick-ass graphics card, it'll be because I want to play the next version of Unreal Tournament.
I (thought I) was never a fan of 'kill em all' games until I bought Unreal Tournament for my Pee Cee. Amazing 3d and online capability makes it *miles* more playable than anything I've played on my Amiga I'm sad to say). (Even shock-horror... DirectX8 seems ok).
Hopefully we will see UT for the AmigDE (ask Fleecy, he's a regular player...)
I've been playing it for months and because of the availability of 'home-made' maps/levels I can see myself still playing it for a long time to come.
I've bought enough hardware and software for my Amiga over the years - I want something faster/newer now. I loved the classic for many years (And yes, there are great games for it too...), but I think it's time to move on.
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