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[Web] AmigaScneANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jan-2001 20:51 GMT by Christian Kemp3 comments
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This site is dedicated to the Amiga demo scene. [..] To many, the demo is the ultimate form of artistic expression and the mission of AMiGASCNE WORLDWiDE is to bring together all available Amiga demo scene related productions and information to anyone interested in taking part or just experiencing this truly amazing art form. They prominently link to ANN. That's how I noticed them, and that they have updated their site.

AmigaScne : Comment 1 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by BM on 28-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
No files to download from this page!
AmigaScne : Comment 2 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by j on 29-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (BM):
Page is still "little" under construction :) But try the ftp://ftp.amigascne.org ...
AmigaScne : Comment 3 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by jools `buzz` on 29-Jan-2001 23:00 GMT
well. amigascne.org may come back, but i certainly will not be contributing
any time towards it. all the current MOD/DEMO archives (apart from incoming)
is an effort from me and a friend, and after all the time we spent before
(and all the time i spent coding on cgi interfaces to everything) just for
the machine to be abandoned and left in non functional state. ok..
ill quit moaning now :) maybe an amiga scene archive will come online soon
Anonymous, there are 3 items in your selection
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