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[Web] Free Utility from AmigaZoneANN.lu
Posted on 13-Nov-2002 22:54 GMT by Targhan3 comments
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AmigaZone (http://www.amigazone.com) is offering a free utility to the Amiga community. StAHG, the Standard Amiga Help Guide. http://www.amigazone.com/pages/stahg.html Press Realease from AmigaZone
Presenting StAHG, The Standard Amiga Help Guide
AmigaZone's FREE GIFT to the world-wide Amiga Community..
(c)2002 The AmigaZone division of Merlancia Industries

The AmigaZone division of Merlancia industries is proud to present StAHG, a simple ReAction based tool created for the purpose of making an Amiga's collection of help files easier to access. Naturally, the first question to come up is, "What help files?" The answer is, "Exactly!" Or, if you prefer, all those help files buried deep within the confines of the "HELP:" assign.
Now, the AmigaZone division of Merlancia Industries is offering a free program that helps to clean that mess up, and in the process takes advantage of an overlooked feature of AmigaOS 3.5 (and above).
StAHG builds a list of all of the documents found in the "Help:" assign and its subdirectories (.doc, .dok, .txt, .guide), then creates "Workbench.guide" in the propor location to satisfy the requirements for the HELP button to open the file in Multiview. Once run, "Workbench.guide" is available to the OS, and StAHG does not need to be run again (unless you want to update your "Workbench.guide") Directory Opus users may want to note that "Workbench.guide" does not clash with, or override, the Magellen help system.

StAHG is a free download. This is AmigaZone's gift back to the community for years of their support. Of course we would like you to sign up for the free trial period to try AmigaZone.. We'd like it even more if you'd join AmigaZone as a fully paid member.. We do not, however, require that, in order for you to have StAHG. There are no pop-up advertising windows, as this was just a fun way to remind everyone of the wonderful service we offer.. and have been offering since the Amiga was born in 1985.

StAHG's Requirements: AmigaOS 3.5 or higher AWNPipe RexxTricks.library ReqTools RexxReqtools

Author's note: It's not the end-all of applications, but hey, it's free, right? ;-)
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Posted by Harv on 14-Nov-2002 15:21 GMT
I've replaced all the .png graphics on this page with .gifs and re-uploaded the page.. for anyone who was having trouble seeing the screenshots due to the lack of a .png datatype or an un-cooperative browser.. try the page again..
Feel free to leave comments about using StAHG in AmigaZone's Guestbook, but the Guestbook is for comments only, it's not a discussion area.. inappropriate langugae in any Guestbook entry will cause that entry to be deleted..
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Posted by Gregg on 14-Nov-2002 21:39 GMT
Nifty - thanks, Harv.
Used to manually maintain a menu for this; looks like technology advance has done me out of yet another job...
Free Utility from AmigaZone : Comment 3 of 3ANN.lu
Posted by Targhan on 14-Nov-2002 23:02 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Gregg):
Yup! That Harv sure is amazing :-P
<A HREF="http://www.geocities.com/targhan_aga/">Targhan</A>
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