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[Files] gW3S v2.2.8 released!ANN.lu
Posted on 26-Jul-2003 16:51 GMT by carls2 comments
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A new version of the ARexx web server for AmigaOS has been released. The major new feature of this release is Webalizer-compatible log files (Apache-style). Now you can make pretty graphs and statistics from your gW3S access logs! The problem with Opera on PC (couldn't access gW3S sites) is also fixed and the HTTP support has been enhanced. gW3S is open source and available for download at http://gonzo.1av10.nu/w3s/
gW3S v2.2.8 released! : Comment 1 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Gregg on 26-Jul-2003 18:26 GMT
Have to say, an impressive project, in the true spirit of hacking.

Good work, chaps.

gW3S v2.2.8 released! : Comment 2 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Richi on 26-Jul-2003 19:54 GMT
Go on!
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