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[Files] KDE View 1.0 releasedANN.lu
Posted on 21-Nov-2003 22:34 GMT by Pietro Ghizzoni2 comments
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Do you like PowerIcons? I LOVE IT! But i'm a very lazy guy, and one of the most boring task is to upgrade the icons gfx. But now thanks to this little program you can do it very quickly. The program is expecially designed to be used in conjunction with the various collections of PNG icons coming from the Linux KDE world. It show in a window ALL the PNG icons of the selected KDE archive directory, and then with a simple drag'n'drop, you can change the image of your icons! Just drag them in the KDE View's window, over your preferred PNG image, and your icon will be automatically updated! Use the arrows keys or mouse wheel to scroll the window's icons. That's all folks... in a few minutes you can change the look of your WB! (Thanks to Stephan Rupprecht for the CopyIcon program!) I'm sorry for my bad english... have fun! You can download the program from my site: I Baden Very GOOD icons collections are here: www.kde-look.org
KDE View 1.0 released : Comment 1 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 22-Nov-2003 02:10 GMT
Sounds really great!

Has anyone tried this program yet?

(I'm a little too lazy and too paranoid to take the time to try it before I hear a lot of good reviews for it.)
KDE View 1.0 released : Comment 2 of 2ANN.lu
Posted by Fred on 23-Nov-2003 21:03 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Anonymous):
Yep :)

I tried it, itīs really great, just drag&drop and all the icons have been replaced, sooooo simple and fast ....

Great stuff !!!!
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