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Posted on 09-Apr-2004 15:53 GMT by Christophe Decanini6 comments
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Amiga had its golden age in the late 80's to early 90's. There are some interesting sales figures in a thread on Amiga.org.
Someone pointed out to this page giving the Personal Computer market share from 1975 to 2002 (Including the Amiga, Atari, Commodore, Apple II).
There is also this page giving recent figures on google usage by platfom (Unfortunately Amiga is in the "other" category). It looks that in 1991 Amiga reached 5% of the market share.
1.000.000 units sold in 2004 would represent less than 1% of the market share.
Just to give an idea on how the current sales figures of the Pegasos or Amigaone compares: They are actualy around 500 times less (less than 0.002 % of the market).
The desktop market is completely dominated by Microsoft. The alternative systems (including Apple and linux Desktops) have 5-6%.
Surprisingly (at least for me) Linux is almost invisible on the graphs.
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Posted by Damien McKenna on 09-Apr-2004 15:02 GMT
One thing to keep in mind is the difference in the home market vs the enterprise market. Businesses almost categorically use PCs, except for some specific exceptions, which the percentages of people with Macs at home seems to be higher.
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Posted by Spitballz on 09-Apr-2004 15:33 GMT
It would be nice to see the Mac numbers in the second page split into MacOS 8/9 and X. I recently saw a trade survey of media professionals that showed that most media pros now use Win2000, followed by MacOS9. OSX had a paltry showing among media professionals, showing how difficult a time Apple has had in getting their bread and butter (media pros) to adopt OSX, even with Final Cut Pro being such a strong product in that sector.

I agree with the post above that it would be interesting to see those number split into biz and consumer use, though home use only started picking up steam in the last 4 years, due to broadband adoption. It used to make up diddly in terms of boxes sold and share, due to the sheer volume businesses purchase machines. But it would make the data more compelling, simply because the purcahse motives are different between the two.
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Posted by Spitballz on 09-Apr-2004 15:35 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Spitballz):
"purchase" (I hate these fingers, arrgghhh!)
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Posted by life was better when I was little on 09-Apr-2004 17:54 GMT
Ahh the good 'ol days!
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Posted by EyeAm on 09-Apr-2004 18:31 GMT
It, of course, must be pointed out that the 'Amiga' on that page refers to Amiga machines, coupled with the OS. These days--duh!--Amiga isn't making computers (ok, so it's not even making its OS, hehe).

IF they wanted to rectify the problem (snores...wakes up)...Amiga OS would be put on IBM PC / clones (yawns), and the OS would be 64-Bit.

Since people can zero-in on an easily-remembered name, it shouldn't be too much of a wonder why "Commodore 64" sold well, and MAC sold well... as oppposed to some AX-DZ101 SE whatever-model-of-the-month. Heh. Therefore (yawns again) Amiga64 could've been a cool machine ;-) (64-Bit, of course).

Alas, they all shot everything into the fan, which was on high speed at the time, so people will be picking up crap for years. (goes back to sleep)

(play over 114 games online while you wait for people to return to their senses)
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Posted by Anonymous on 09-Apr-2004 19:30 GMT
The amiga numbers are way to low and if you look at the sources you see that they have almost no basis for those numbers. eg. I think it was 1.4 mio. units sold in 92 alone.
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