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[Files] New version of SystemPatch!ANN.lu
Posted on 29-May-2004 12:51 GMT by Richi (Edited on 2004-05-30 15:55:26 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)5 comments
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Here you can find the latest version of SystemPatch! version 2.3. Systempatch is the fastest and the most stable System speedup patch Target system: 68k+aga (it's usefull with gfx boards as well)

New in this version:

- 2.3 (08/04/2004) fixed bugs in AllocRaster(); some WB games like VChess, MineRunner, ... was saying there was not enough memory(reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone).

- 2.3ß (28/02/2004) a lot of small enhancements, minor speedups to some gfx functions and bugfixes.
AllocRaster() patch causes probelms with games like Quake68k and BloodNet AGA, now fixed (reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone)
WritePixel() bug that causes system freezing with Octamed SoundStudio when using its Synthetic Sound Editor(reported by Luca "Hexaae" Longone).
ENV:FAllocRasterExcludeList can contain a list of tasks to be excluded from AllocRaster() chip to fast memory promotion. I've to do a better implementation for the task exclusion of AllocRaster() patch.
Added patches for non FBlit systems: BltBitMap(), Draw(), BltClear(). Previous BltClear() required FBlit but was installed too when FBlit was not running.
Added: ClearScreen(), ClearEOL(), InitRastPort(), TextLength(), SetFont().
Other improvements I don't remember.
New version of SystemPatch! : Comment 1 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Elwood on 29-May-2004 11:04 GMT
Any URL ?
New version of SystemPatch! : Comment 2 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Richi on 29-May-2004 11:19 GMT
In reply to Comment 1 (Elwood):
You're right i'm sorry (so it's true drugs makes people stupid! :-)

New version of SystemPatch! : Comment 3 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Mark Cheetham on 29-May-2004 21:33 GMT
In reply to Comment 2 (Richi):
No, it's the other way round, stupid people take drugs.
New version of SystemPatch! : Comment 4 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Kjetil on 30-May-2004 09:22 GMT
I tested the new system patch and it work on my UAE 0.8.25 PPC, the only problem is the GUI patch so I use NOGUI, I run PowerIcons (It's not displayed correctly) and Workbench3.5 so I use NOUTIL as well, system runs whit boingbag2 installed, I can feel the difference.
New version of SystemPatch! : Comment 5 of 5ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 30-May-2004 11:22 GMT
I`m using this on Amithlon, and the system `seems` to go slightly
faster now.

Used it with NOUTIL and NOGFX
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