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[Web] Amigart.com HackedANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jun-2004 09:25 GMT by Sinan Gürkan10 comments
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Unfortunately Amigart.com is hacked. I have already called Amigart site admin Güvenç Kaplan. Until the site is fixed or (shut down forever) please know that whatever appears on the site isn't coming from us... Thanks Sinan Gürkan
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 1 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 27-Jun-2004 07:59 GMT
Hmmm... grey wolfs?
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 2 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Raffaele on 27-Jun-2004 09:09 GMT
Any trojan danger also?

Or only hacking of the site giving fake infos???
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 3 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Framiga on 27-Jun-2004 12:06 GMT
many compliment to this GREAT, coward man . . . a really SOB :-((

BTW- can you explin better what's happened?

Good luck
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 4 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by cheesegrate on 27-Jun-2004 12:34 GMT
hey siman
i would like to thank you for your years of service to the amiga community, on behalf of the ann readership, amigart was a great resource and your non partisan, thoughtfull deamounour is greatly needed in these troubled times


adam c
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 5 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Bill Panagouleas on 27-Jun-2004 13:01 GMT
In reply to Comment 4 (cheesegrate):
How big is the Amigaart site? I might be able to host it for you for free.
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 6 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 27-Jun-2004 13:32 GMT
Hacked again?
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 7 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Emeric SH on 27-Jun-2004 15:51 GMT
My simpathy. amigart.com is a real nice site.
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 8 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by ikir on 28-Jun-2004 13:52 GMT
Amigart is a great website
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 9 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 29-Jun-2004 13:47 GMT
Amigart is cool. please don't shut it down.
Amigart.com Hacked : Comment 10 of 10ANN.lu
Posted by Sinan Gürkan on 01-Jul-2004 19:42 GMT
Thanks everybody...

Amigart will be moved to a new server with a new php system and will be online again soon...Our admin Güvenç Kaplan is working on this project now...
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