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[Files] Update of the NewGui systemANN.lu
Posted on 14-Sep-2003 15:58 GMT by Cyborg16 comments
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The NewGUI System has been updated and a 50% WIP AutoDoc for coders has been placed on the website. The NewGUI system has been updated to 0.2 , it features

o on the fly 24 Bit AlphaChannel transparency
o a set of gadtool replacements
o four gadget states ( normal,pressed,mouseover and listening )
o Build in Iconify
o gadgetposition snapshotting
o gadgetresizing and repositioning on the GUI layer
( you didn`t like the layout of the coder, no problem ;)
o fast on 68040 , much faster on G3
o works out of the box on MOS,AOS 3.1,AOS 3.9
o configureable gadgets ( no prefseditor needed )
o round gadgets ;)
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