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[News] CeBit: Metabox on AmiJoeANN.lu
Posted on 29-Feb-2000 13:20 GMT by Christian Kemp16 comments
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Helmut Fuchs spoke to a Met@box salesperson at CeBit 2000, who confirmed that AmiJoe will definitely see the light of day. Read more below. I spoke to a salesperson at one of the Met@box booths at the CeBit in Hannover today. When I asked her about news on the AmiJoe Card she said, that it would definetly see the light of day and the hardware is quite complete, but that the software is still not ready. She also told me that the only "approximate release date" she could tell me would be around end of march, because the hardware dept. doesn't get more specific about it, even to her. I think this is quite good news, don't you think? (despite of the fact, that on the glossy high quality AmiJoe-Flyer, that was on display there a release date of December `99 is mentioned)
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