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[News] TurboCalc statusANN.lu
Posted on 29-Apr-2000 12:01 GMT by Christian Kemp6 comments
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Here's an interesting quote by "Rux" that I found in the German Amiga Club forum. It should be common knowledge by now that TurboCalc is not being developed anymore. What I didn't know is that the programmer is now working for SAP, in California. And apparently, "he's earning as much in two months now than he did in the five years he worked on TurboCalc". Here's the original quote, in German.
Wird NICHT weiterentwickelt! Die letzte Version ist 5.2 (update auf 5.0). Der Programmierer ging zu SAP und arbeitet jetzt in California (und verdient in 2 Monaten soviel, wie in 5 Jahren Arbeit an TurboCalc).
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