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[News] AmigaDE SDK for Windoze "sidegrade"ANN.lu
Posted on 31-Oct-2000 20:25 GMT by Christian Kemp13 comments
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Seehund writes: As you may have noticed, the AmigaDE SDK for Windoze is US$99 even if you already have bought the SDK for Linux. However, it seems you have a chance to get the Windoze "sidegrade" for free in exchange for a submission of some of your work for the AmigaDE to Amiga's FTP site. Read the (sparse) details in Gary Peake's e-mail to the AMIOPEN mailing list below.
>On Mon, 30 Oct 2000 02:41:39 -0800, owner-open@amiga.com Patrick
>Roberts wrote:
>>A solution might be for freeware developers that want the
>>Windows SDK, to have Amiga do something like:
>> "Port or write an (or n) application or library and post it to
>>ftp.amigadev.net, send us a letter requesting a free cross-upgrade to
>>Windows and we will review on case-by-case basis"
>OK Pat, you're on! :)
>Port or write an application, tool, or library and post it to
>ftp.amiagadev.net, send an email to gary@amiga.com requesting a free
>cross-upgrade to the Windows hosted version (also include the name of
>the app, tool or library you wrote or ported) and we will review on a
>case by case basis.
>I think this is fair to all.

In case anyone missed this exchange ...

Gary Peake
Director - Developer Relations & Support
Amiga Inc.
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