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[News] Eyetech clarifies AmigaOne statementANN.lu
Posted on 31-Oct-2001 15:50 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselš126 comments
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Alan Redhouse of Eyetech clarified some of the confusion surrounding their latest AmigaOne statement in a comment here. I've posted it again below for those who don't read the comments section.

I try to use the clearest possible English in the status update but I have obviously failed to get the message across properly to everybody :(

Nowhere in my update does it say that OS4.0 had not started - and of course quite a lot of work *has* been done - but that the original plan required funding for OS4.0 to be *FINISHED*, and Amiga Inc had other priorities with their restricted funding. Bill has made no secret of the financial constraints that Amiga Inc were under at his public presentations at St Louis and Sacramento this year.

What I said is that WE decided to put development of the A1 on ice UNTIL we had a guarantee of a FINISH date of OS4.0. Of course development did not suddenly halt immediately, as we were all expecting Amiga Inc to obtain funding 'any day now'. But eventually other revenue-earning priorities took over.

I have absolutely no difficulties with any of Amiga's decisions or actions. They are exactly the same sort of business decisions that I would have made in their position.

We went into the AmigaOne project with our eyes wide open knowing the risks associated with events outside our control, and in no way hold Amiga Inc responsible for OUR decision to suspend development of the A1. In fact - again as I said in our update - we have all been trying very hard to obtain an all round satisfactory resolution to an OS4.0 completion date that would allow us to complete the A1 development and roll out into production. And no, there is no point in announcing that a potential crisis exists whilst there is still very real progress towards a resolution being made.

We obtained the agreement in principle earlier this week. This obtained, I wanted to set the record straight immediately to dispel some of the rumours and make sure that nobody made long journeys to WoA-SE on false expectations. As it is WoA-SE attendees will witness an historic contract signing.

Much of OS4.0 was planned to be implemented using the CSPPC in parallel with the development of the AmigaOne hardware. The decision to expand the market for OS4.0 was an integral part of the 'no upfront cost to Amiga' part of the agreement.

Hope this helps


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