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[News] Amiga 2001 news update (updated)ANN.lu
Posted on 18-Nov-2001 15:07 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä69 comments
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Some news gathered from several sources attending the show.

A complete Pegasos-based computer system that will be on sale next year will cost approximately 1000 euro (~$900). The motherboards will also be available separately.

Hyperion and Haage & Partner are developing AmigaOS 4 with several other developers. New features include:

  • PPC native Picasso96
  • New Warp3D with "Matrox-, Permedia3- and Radeon1/2-support"
  • Generic PCI-drivers
  • USB-support
  • BlizzardPPC-support evaluated
  • Integrated 68k-emulation
  • PPC datatypes
  • Price: approximately the same as OS3.9
  • Initial release planned for February
Hyperion also told that they've been talking with both Elbox and BPlan and that they want to have versions of AmigaOS 4 for the SharkPPC and Pegasos.

[The original item I posted had some mistakes in it, and since amiga-news.de even took down the article I used as a primary source, I decided to repost the item edited - Teemu] [I merged new article and old comments - CK]

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