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[News] Fleecy Moss clarifies on ANNANN.lu
Posted on 20-May-2002 22:17 GMT by SlimJim186 comments
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For those of you lacking the stamina to wade through the 300+ posts-thread on ANN (named "the next ppc amiga" ), Fleecy Moss, CTO at Amiga Inc, made a short surprise visit to dispell some rumours about the BPlan-AInc situation (apparently after getting the thumbs up from AInc:s legal advisors). Snippets from various posts:

[...] "For AmigaOS4, Amiga said that it will welcome ANY and ALL hardware companies which develop hardware. We have spent many hours of email with representatives of bPlan and in all of them, our line has been consistent.

1.We will be very happy to provide bPlan with an OS4 licence, and to have OS4 running on the Pegasos

2.Amiga compatability within MorphOS comes from illegally obtained source tapes and we will use all legal process to prevent it from entering the market.

It is not Amiga Inc preventing AmigaOS4 from running on the Pegasos. As far as Amiga Inc is concerned, we consider the two issues mentioned above as being completely separate."


"Most of you (with an interest in the truth anyway) have already asked the obvious question. What would Amiga Inc gain from NOT allowing OS4 to run on the Pegasos. Answer - absolutely nothing.

The licence terms for OS4 are the same for bPlan as for Eyetech and anyone else who wishes to sell an Amiga product that runs OS4. It is a typical OEM licence, and presents a level playing field, for producers, for distributors and for customers. You will find NO exclusive deals done for any product that carries the Amiga seal of approval, and no favouritism played to any company or individual.

Any company that says that they approached us and we rejected them is lying. They may not have liked certain elements of the OEM deal, but it is the same deal as everyone else is offered."


"Anything to do with MorphOS and its 'amiga compatability' will be decided, so it seems, in the courts."

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