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Posted on 24-Apr-2003 21:42 GMT by AMiGO15 comments
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CRONOSOFT is a new software distributor for NEW software or Old UNreleased software for older platform systems, whether commercially unsupported or still supported, as with the Amiga for example. CRONOSOFT invites anyone, from any part of the world, who still develops software and wants to sell it ( Games, Utilities, etc. ) but doesn't want the hassle of packaging and distributing it to buyers themselves, to submit their programs for evaluation. If accepted, your software will be sold via the main website, and other outlets such as eBay for example, complete with color inlays or covers, which can be created for you at no extra cost if you don't/can't provide your own, plus documentation, etc. also at no extra cost to you.

The average 8bit game cassette is sold at a standard price of £2.99, however this is not set in stone and the price at which you would like your software to be sold can be discussed with us. Of course more powerful systems, especially larger programs sold on CD, have a higher standard price. Once again the price is negotiable, but CRONOSOFT would like to make software as affordable as possible to be able to distribute it to a large number of potential buyers.

CRONOSOFT makes its income by sharing the profits with you. So far the software currently available has had very good sales, and extremely good sales considering it has only started a little over a month ago! There are also many other titles to come besides what is on the Future Releases page and we'd like your software to be among them!

Systems currently supported are the following:

Amiga ( Upto 3.9 )
Amiga CDTV / CD32
Amstrad CPC
Atari 400/800/XL/XE ( Tape )
Atari ST
Commodore 16 ( Tape )
Commodore 64 ( Tape or disk )
Commodore Vic 20 ( Tape or disk )
Dragon 32 ( Tape )
Oric/Atmos ( Tape or 3” / 3.5” disk)
Sega Mega CD / Sega CD
Sharp MZ ( Tape )
Sinclair ZX Spectrum and compatibles ( Tape, +3 disk, Microdrive, Tr-Dos BetaDisk )
Sinclair ZX81 ( Tape )
Tandy CoCo ( Tape )

Please note that CRONOSOFT may support a wider range of platforms in the future. Newer OSs such as Windows, Linux, Mac etc. may also be a possibility. If you have software for another system please don't hesitate to get in contact with us for possible inclusion. If it is not possible at this time then perhaps in the future.

For more information and ways to contact please visit http://www.cronosoft.co.uk/

CRONOSOFT - It can't be any easier!!!

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