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[News] Are MorphOS users geeky enough?ANN.lu
Posted on 12-Nov-2003 22:32 GMT by tokai75 comments
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Maybe you remember the saying "The 'M' in Morphos stands for 'geek'!" ? Yes, it's true and we MorphOS users are much more geeky than the other geeks from Linux and Co. Sadly it hasn't been possible for us ubergeeks to enjoy a port of the ultimative geektool of the known universe simply because nobody of us so called ubergeeks ported the damn thing. I'm talking about MLdonkey. :)

But good news!!! A few months ago we locked CISC into a dingy cellar and told him he couldn't come out until he finished the Objective-Caml port, which was a required and important step for porting MLdonkey. We haven't heard from him for a very long time, and we couldn't be bothered to check. But all of a sudden he emerged from his dark dungeon. Fortunately (or maybe I should better say: unfortunately ;) he had finished OCaml and surprisingly also MLdonkey.

If you find CISC then thank him for this nifty port, sadly when I last saw him he was running away screaming 'THE DARKNESS CONSUMES US! WE ARE ONE WITH THE VOID!'.

Well, actually we've done this releases just for fun. The port is not finished, it still misses a GUI (hey, isn't this more geeky than the Linux version? Isn't it?). Also most of the 'Bonus' stuff was more or less been done in a very creepy and probably unusabl... i mean geeky way. We're still on the lookout for someone with some actual talent, so that we can all kick back and boss him around. So if for some insane reason you wish to volunteer in coding the MUI GUI then try to catch CISC on IRC or via eMail, else don't bother him or he will run away again.

Anyway, here you find out more.

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