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[Rant] Is this it?ANN.lu
Posted on 07-Dec-2002 04:26 GMT by JoannaK19 comments
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My conclusion of current situation published for open discussion here in Ann.lu. Extracted (+ couple typos fixed) from my public letter to one of companies now involved into this. (Type: Rant, but not flaming) (conclusion.. )

In the end.. this Amiga situation is all Controlling Game. Like You have admitted and like all others have said one way or another during their talks... You can all work together as long as 'Insert our favorite person/corporation' is in the LEAD. Only way to make this end seems to be that there has to be ONE company (or team) that crushes all competition and makes them paying slaves.

Correct me if I'm wrong here. I see this all as divorcing parent's fighting from their children . Every lie is acceptable, every method is legal as long as you can assure to have all us on your side. I do understand we are talking about remarkable markets here, especially IF by some accident winner happens to create real and attractive product to make this all happen in a way winner can lure all Ex users back.

Sorry. Only thing I can see is that people with best liars (and perhaps even lawyers), most money and (hopefully one day) best product wins this game. During these years there would have been plenty of times to you *great leaders* to get together but each time someone has wanted to have upper edge to others, so it have not become anything more constructive than ongoing bickering, fighting and Mud throwing.

Have well.. And remember all to have plenty of Mud around.

Joanna Kurki
Long Time EX Amiga user, EX Commodore developer etc etc..

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