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[Rant] Forum: Amiga's new office address and phone numbersANN.lu
Posted on 28-Feb-2003 12:06 GMT by Holy Cow27 comments
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Where are they? They were promised x months ago .. What I heard elsewhere: McEven is the only "employee" by now and operates the "company" from his livingroom .. however, this may as well be evil fud spread by evil people. I doubt so, though.

My (fun!!) guess: The sholy cow kidnapped the entire team and brought them to the new and top-secret Afghanistan offices of the huuuuuge Zervinsci company (the one starting with Merl..). They are now forced to build their latest high-tech computers, designed in cooperation with Mr. Bush and his old friend Saddam. A press release of this success story to appear soon in Forbes magazine! :) .. of course this is (partly) absurd .. ROTFL ..

The truth? Nobody knows. Do you? Enlighten us!

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