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[Unmoderated] Gerd Frank sells out to KMOS!ANN.lu
Posted on 22-Oct-2004 20:41 GMT by 102 comments
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http://www.amiga-news.de/de/news/AN-2004-10-00131-DE.html for an english translation: "due to absolutely unsatisfactory co-operation on the part of Genesi and disregard of a contract within one period from now meanwhile scarcely 16 months, it is to be supported us unfortunately not possible the Pegasos and thus particularly MorphOS regarding an adapted version from AmiATLAS to.

This applies accordingly also to all other projects e.g. OctaMed Soundstudio or XiPaint. Our emphasis will be thus logically AmigaOne and/or AmigaOS4. We regret it, however the past process does not lie in our hand. Nevertheless all MorphOS Usern for the future much fun with the system!

AmiATLAS development team, Gerd frank

KMOS paid him to work on OS4 projects only! Eyetech gave him a FREE AmigaTeron. Hyperion gave him a FREE OS4 kit.
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