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[Web] amiga university site updatesANN.lu
Posted on 28-Apr-2002 22:33 GMT by kevin orme6 comments
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Some great site updates for you, check it out: amigau.com

it took longer than we planned, but some good site updates for you:

1> new midi, jay miner, monzoom, C++, games, history pages and many new international news sites added;

2> slight color scheme changes to allow less 'squinting' - I had it my way for 2 years, time for a change :) ;

3> new samplitude opus archive/download mirror, thanks to the great guys at A.C.T. ;

4> site completely link checked and updated accordingly;

5> still looking for more mirror site and site archive opportunities - let us know if you want us to 'preserve' your site online for $$ or other reasons, no charge ;


kevin orme webmaster

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