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[Web] AmigaWorld.org is here for you! With Amiga Alpe Adria report!ANN.lu
Posted on 12-Jul-2004 23:16 GMT by Michal15 comments
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AmigaWorld.org is a Amiga magazine, made for both sides. We try to fill areas where other Amiga sites can't reach. But all of the Amiga sites does a very good job offcourse. Well, go on to www.amigaworld.org -We have lots of new articles, guides and interviews for you.

Check out the latest Amiga Alpe Adria report to. We hope that you like AmigaWorld.org and we also hope that people looks at AmigaWorld.org as a Amiga magazine for all kinds of Amiga users out there. Not just AmigaOS4 like our .net rival. Take Care, and I wish you all the best in this ..ehrm.. rainy summer,... atleast here in Norway :) Regards, AmigaWorld Team www.amigaworld.org AmigaWorld.org update!...

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