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[Web] Freescale now also a reseller(!) of Pegasos Open Desktop WorkstationsANN.lu
Posted on 13-Oct-2004 13:53 GMT by takemehomegrandma36 comments
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The OpenDesktopWorkstation is now available for ordering directly through Freescale! It got the product number: PPC G4 0001.

The Open Desktop Workstation is configured based on selected OpenFirmware (IEEE1275) with Debian, Yellow Dog Linux and MorphOS (non-Unix OS based the Genesi Quark microkernel). An extensive application and tool suite is included with each operating system. The ODW can be used to natively build Linux kernels, root file systems, and applications. It includes attendant collateral documents and source code. The Linux kernel, root file system, and applications can also be loaded onto any target system that supports DINK32 or U-Boot. MorphOS is non-Unix based operating system and targeted at television based consumer electronics devices.


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