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[News] Computer City European distributor for Nova DesignANN.lu
Posted on 12-May-2004 19:55 GMT by Computer City0 comments
First of all, after a few days of being unavailable, we moved our webshop to a faster server and it is up and running again. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Secondly, we would like to announce that as of today, Computer City has agreed with Nova Design to become their exclusive european distributor. Computer City will carry all of Nova Design's products, i.e. the Amiga/MorphOS as well as the Mac and Windows titles.
We are looking into localizing and translating into various languages. If you want to participate in translating the manual and the program to your language please contact us. We will make it worth your while!
Of course, resellers are very welcome to contact us too!

And finally, we would like to mention that we will attend the Essen show next weekend, so if you are going there and want to save on shipping costs, let us know and we'll bring it. Of course, we are available for a chat as well! :-)

Best regards,
Computer City

[Web] MorphOS SDL Support Website - http://sdl.innoidea.huANN.lu
Posted on 12-May-2004 09:19 GMT by Emeric SH51 comments
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A support page for MorphOS SDL development has been launched. You can track history, download sources and various precompiled ports here, just as well as you can send feedbacks and bug reports.

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[Files] RiVA 0.49 ReleasedANN.lu
Posted on 11-May-2004 08:36 GMT by Stephen Fellner21 comments
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Another update of the RiVA MPEG Player is now available. This new version has been further optimized (up to 15-20% speedup). More information and the new demo version are available here.
[Web] AmigaShare Software Library expands its Platform support!ANN.lu
Posted on 10-May-2004 10:53 GMT by choochy277 comments
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Today, AmigaShare announces that it has included additional platform support that relates to uploaded software.

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[Web] PowerPC emulatorANN.lu
Posted on 10-May-2004 09:41 GMT by Hagge17 comments
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[Events] Lot's of videoclips of Webbit (AmigaOne + Elena with Peggy)ANN.lu
Posted on 10-May-2004 09:13 GMT by Raffaele21 comments
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Some days ago there were the photos... Now a lot's of videoclip files taken At Webbit Exhibition in Padova, Italy are available online (included a 23MB clip of Elena Novaretti and her Peggy II). Take a look here. Enjoy it.
[Web] IntuitionBase Site Update!ANN.lu
Posted on 09-May-2004 22:03 GMT by Ryu5 comments
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IntuitionBase is slowly evolving, we now have some simple site statistics avaliable under the header and you can now also edit any hardware or software entry. A few bugs have also been fixed along the way. Stay tuned for more updates and features over the coming weeks :-) IntuitionBase.com Team
[News] JAmiga Amiga Java Project Status UpdateANN.lu
Posted on 08-May-2004 21:59 GMT by Raffaele35 comments
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There is a new report on the current developing situation at the site of Jamiga Amiga Java. The project was all ported to GCC. A forum about jamiga opened (just click here), and the first donation of 100 Euro arrived.
[Events] Elena Novaretti (ZoneXplorer - PowerIcons) is present with a Peggy II at WEBBITANN.lu
Posted on 08-May-2004 16:00 GMT by Raffaele49 comments
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I have news that Elena Novaretti, author of good software programs such as ZoneXplorer and Power Icons (and a known Pegasos fan and owner) is also present at Webbit Padova with a Pegasos II kindly furnished by Pegasos Italia just for the exhibition event. We expect soon impressions of Webbit show from Elena, and news about the impact which Peggy II made to italian public.

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[News] Amiga Future (May/June 2004) availableANN.lu
Posted on 08-May-2004 12:35 GMT by Andreas Magerl0 comments
Issue 48 of the Amiga Future (May/June 2004) is available today.

The magazine can be obtained directly from the editorial office as a subscription and single issue.

You can choose whether you want to receive the Amiga Future with or without a CD.

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