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Posted on 23-Oct-2000 12:33 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä19 comments
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From Greg Thomas, courtesy of Czech Amiga News: "ACE 2000 was a huge success for Amiga and its users. Many people from many platforms attended and heard FOUR big announcements from Amiga CEO, Bill McEwen. The first and the biggest is the new PPC based Amiga One, the new computer from Amiga. It was emphasised that Amiga is a software company, so in future all hardware will be from third parties, not Amiga itself. There will soon be a card to upgrade your existing A1200 and A4000 (A3000 maybe) to Amiga One specifications with access to Apple Mac accelerators! Second, Workbench 3.9 with a new Kickstart 3.9 chip is to be released. The next update of the SDK is tomorrow and the next version in one months time. And last of all was the announcement that Amiga is opening 10% of the company up to investment from Amiga users. This was a huge announcement in itself and added to the jubilation of the crowd. During his speech Bill said he is not the saviour of the Amiga, we are. This was a great day for our Amiga. Many of the Linux users were very excited about this "closed source" news too :-) The speech was so well received that Amiga user, Rick Hammond said to Bill, "Thank you, this has changed my life. I'm back with Amiga again."

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