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[Rant] Thoughts - Practicalities of AmigaDE / TaoANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jan-2001 20:27 GMT by Christian Kemp10 comments
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Colin Wilson writes: Something occurred to me - while I fully support the route Amiga Inc have taken with using Tao as the core OS, I am not sure how it`s use will translate to the real world. Since Tao is portable, and code written on one machine will work on another, how will the use of the AmigaDE develop if a machine was only designed to use Tao and not the Amiga add-ons, natively ?

Will the Amiga environment simply be classed as a toolkit that some software needs to run, and in which case, will it ever be included with commercial software (ie. games) rather like the way DirectX is distributed with PC software ?

If updates are made available over a period of time, will the updates / bugfixes be free, and how will they be made available for the wide range of platforms (ie. updates for mobile devices such as mobile phones) ?

Another concern is over the portable code. Will a software company be willing to release the source to it`s applications / games (because essentially, that`s what VP is) - bearing in mind the threat of software theft / illegal copying ?

I`m probably missing something here, but can anyone see any way around these potential problems ?

Is Amiga Inc destined to merge with Tao from a product viability point of view ?
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