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[News] Shogo:MAD demo is OUT !ANN.lu
Posted on 06-Apr-2001 10:22 GMT by Christian Kemp19 comments
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Ben Yoris/Hyperion wrote: Hyperion Entertainment is proud to present the Shogo:Mobile Armor Division playable demo. After long months of patience, hard work and optimisations, here is Shogo for the Amiga !

Discover the universe of Shogo : giant mechas, many weapons, sniper rifles, dozens of enemies and corridors, an addictive story, soldier or mecha mode combats and much more.

Take a look at one of the best first person shooter for the Amiga ever...

Shogo:MAD will be available in late April through your usual dealers.

Technical Requirements :

  • OS 3.0 or higher
  • PPC processor (supported through WarpOS)
  • Graphics card
  • 3D acceleration supported through Warp3D V4 (required for 603, recommended for 604)
  • Sound support via AHI or standard Paula sound
  • 6x CD-ROM recommended
  • 64 MB (more recommended)
Please read the full HTML documentation included in the demo archive.

You may find the demo on the Hyperion Website and AMinet (biz/titan/ShogoDemo.lha)

Shogo:MAD is an Monolith game.

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