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Posted on 04-Jul-2001 10:27 GMT by Christian Kemp24 comments
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sauro wrote: From Apex-Design web site: One new and one updated city are now available for Payback in the Extra Maps section. Also, the PPC upgrade is taking longer than expected because I'm trying to make sure it uses all the available CPU power. I don't expect to release it for another month but I hope you'll agree that the wait was worth it when it finally is ready.
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Posted by Kent Seaton on 04-Jul-2001 22:00 GMT
In reply to Comment 9 (M.Andersson):
> When it comes to raw computing power the Sysinfo shows that my laptop makes
> 160MIPS!
You need to read the manual that comes with UAE. Let me quote something here for you direct from part of the manual:
"Q: Benchmark program <insert your favourite benchmark> gives weird results.
A: Amiga programs run by the emulator think the Amiga timers can be used to
measure real time. But in UAE, they only measure "emulation time". Sysinfo,
for example, gives the same results on all machines. So don't run
benchmarks to test the emulator speed."
JIT bombs too much, without JIT it's way to damn slow to even be considered playable, when UAE is up and running with JIT the sound is so far off and the scrolling routines are shoddy at best. Get more than one explosion on the screen and the whole UAE system comes to a dire crawl (screenupdate, screenupdate, pause, continue). You can't use benchmarks in an emulated environment, it's results will be skewed no matter what. Until someone comes up with a benchmark that sits on the outside, looking in at UAE and how it speeds are rendered you are not going to get a very comparible result.
I have a 486DX33 here that reports 149MIPS btw, do you honestly think it's close to the truth?
#21 Menthos
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