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[Rant] New Rant: "Community Take Control" at Class Of XANN.lu
Posted on 23-Jun-2002 00:53 GMT by Andy Hall17 comments
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Frustration at the current situation put into words, lots of them, some even forming coherent sentences. Check it out on Class Of X here
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Comment 1Adam Kowalczyk23-Jun-2002 01:36 GMT
Comment 2JoBBo23-Jun-2002 06:38 GMT
Comment 3Desmon23-Jun-2002 06:44 GMT
Comment 4Joe Consumer23-Jun-2002 07:06 GMT
Comment 5Andy Hall23-Jun-2002 10:18 GMT
Comment 6JoBBo23-Jun-2002 10:26 GMT
Comment 7cheesegrate23-Jun-2002 10:30 GMT
Comment 8cheesergrate23-Jun-2002 10:39 GMT
Comment 9cOrpse23-Jun-2002 11:17 GMT
Comment 10cheesegrfate23-Jun-2002 11:58 GMT
Comment 11cheesegrate23-Jun-2002 12:02 GMT
Comment 12Adam Kowalczyk23-Jun-2002 14:56 GMT
Comment 13coldfire23-Jun-2002 23:13 GMT
Comment 14Adam Kowalczyk24-Jun-2002 01:56 GMT
Comment 15Andreas Wolf25-Jun-2002 08:34 GMT
Comment 163seas25-Jun-2002 12:17 GMT
Comment 17cOrpse25-Jun-2002 14:34 GMT
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