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Posted on 11-Jul-2002 15:04 GMT by Dietmar Eilert17 comments
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Update for GoldED Studio announced (first preview available here).

In a few days a final update for GoldED Studio will be released which combines the existing editor (release 6) with material from the aborted development of version 7: all-new graphics, an improved UI library and various updated add-ons. The package will include the Distributed BASIC interpreter with GPL'ed source code.

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GoldED Studio AIX : Comment 9 of 17ANN.lu
Posted by Dietmar on 12-Jul-2002 09:23 GMT
In reply to Comment 6 (Solar):
> text background color has been configursable for ages
Not really: all previous versions have used pen 0 for background and pen 1 for text. It was possible to change the associated colors but that would have changed everything rendered with those pens (gadgets, dialogs etc). The main reason for using pen 0/1 was that in that case only one bitplane needs scrolling on OCS/ECS/AGA systems, and that translates into a massive speed advantage. The coming update allows to disable ECS/OCS/AGA optimizations and then you will be able to choose pen and paper color freely.
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