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Posted on 13-Dec-2002 12:16 GMT by Lukas Stehlik20 comments
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New AmiGOD2 released!

New features:

Amiga Continued special version (czech Amiga magazine)
MorphOS test: new internal module Pegasos G3/600MHz (!!!) + Voodoo4 AGP
Amithlon test: new internal module Athlon XP 1700 + TNT2
UAE test: new internal module P/166MHz + Tseng PCI
Amiga test: new internal module A1240/25MHz + Voodoo3 PCI
added info buttons to the database
small bug in database was removed (thanks to Don Cox)
please, do not run it on Amiga without FPU (not debugged yet)

AmiGOD2 Homepage

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