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[News] (From AOrg) GPSoft and Hyperion clear up DOpus issueANN.lu
Posted on 17-Dec-2002 09:59 GMT by Björn Hagström39 comments
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Seems the Hyperion/GPSoftware troubles with Directory Opus has been cleared up. Read more on Amiga.org
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Comment 24cAHVA17-Dec-2002 22:57 GMT
(From AOrg) GPSoft and Hyperion clear up DOpus issue : Comment 25 of 39ANN.lu
Posted by Anonymous on 17-Dec-2002 23:45 GMT
In reply to Comment 7 (Don Cox):
>>Surely as soon as you install Magellan, it is "integrated" ?
>>It is a complete replacement for the Workbench program. Some people
>>may want to use the standard WB program rather than Magellan. They are
>>both file manager/program launcher programs which are normally run
>>automatically from the Startup Sequence.
>>Or the S-S can launch a game or demo instead.

Yep, i know this..

But when you replace loadwb in s-sequence with dopus you still miss some new features offered by new OS? or when using os4 you miss some features offered by dopus. So i mean with integrated that it'll be part of os4.. not two different programs.
user could configure if he'd like to:

-directory list with "dopus-style" or "classic"
-configure pulldown menu items or leave them as "classic"
-show devices in devicelist instead of showing them in workbench screen
-using floating "buttonbars" instead of menucommands or amidock
-workbench has it own filetype recognition, dopus has it's own which one to use..?
-and so on..

So, if i want to set "no titlebar" in workbench-prefs it of course doesn't affect dopus.

Many of the amiga users seem to "scare" directory opus because it's so configurable or maybe they are just too used to filemaster-style programs. Or maybe they don't know about better options :)
I personally would like to see best parts of dopus in os4.

But releasing at least os4 is good start ;)
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