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[News] alt.WOA 2003 postponed indefinitlyANN.lu
Posted on 18-Feb-2003 06:32 GMT by Senex (Edited on 2003-02-18 22:49:10 GMT by Teemu I. Yliselä)41 comments
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As Paul Qureshi reports on the Amiga-SA-ML this year's alt.WOA-show is postponed indefinitly: Evening all.

Just got word from HAUG that the alt.WoA (a.k.a. Hudderfeild) show has
been put off for now. Bad news indeed, I myself was rather looking
foreward to it.

I'll explain some of the reasoning why this decision was made.
Originally, the HAUG committee agreed to do the show with Amiga and
Eyetech, with Eyetech underwriting the cost. This was on the premise
that the AmigaOne would be ready for the show. In fact, Amiga wanted the
show to be called "The AmigaOne Show", not least to keep Thendic and the
Pegasos away.

However, last week Amiga made it clear that OS4 may well not be ready by
April 26th, the show date. They are still waiting for money from their
Microsoft deal, with which to pay Hyperion to work on OS4. In the mean
time, Hyperion must concentrate on other projects to bring money in.

They delay, in case you are interested, is supposedly because the
manufacturers of the cartridges that the Amiga Anywhere games are to
ship on has not actually manufactured any yet.

Anyway, needless to say when this came out many people were not happy.
Amiga, specifically Fleecy Moss, wanted the show to go ahead anyway. The
argument was that Linux would provide a good backup plan so even if OS4
was not done, things would not be a total wash out. However, it was
clear that those organising the show were only interested in OS4, and
didn't really want to put on a show for Linux people. Thus, HAUG decided
not to go ahead until OS4 was finished and actually ready to ship.

I must say, my oppinion of Fleecy Moss seems to fall a bar every time I
speak to him. I completly understand the Hudderfield crew's point of
view. I can't speak for the other involved user groups, but WOASE 2003
is also rather dependent on OS4 being available, because after last year
it's clear that without it any UK show will fail.

Time to jack it all in?

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