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[Web] Latest Official AmigaOS4 screenshotsANN.lu
Posted on 27-Jun-2003 23:32 GMT by Mike Bouma45 comments
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AmigaWorld.net has posted three new screenshots of AmigaOS4. Various well known classic Amiga titles including SnoopDOS and DirectoryOpus are shown running while using the new highly customizable interface and anti-aliased fonts. For today 'AmigaOS 4 on Tour' events are planned for Austria and Sweden. Earlier this week I wrote a report of last week's Swiss event.
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Latest Official AmigaOS4 screenshots : Comment 25 of 45ANN.lu
Posted by Man on the moon on 29-Jun-2003 05:47 GMT
In reply to Comment 24 (Samface):
>Do you want something to just play with or do you want a fully functional, >next-generation, PPC native AmigaOS? You can play with AROS, MorphOS, >Amithlon, Amiga Forever, etc. AmigaOS4 on the other hand, is the real deal.

AROS, Amithlon, WinUAE on my Amiga?! What the phuq are you talking about?
I played with them all, but as far as I remember I run 'em on x86 only... hmmm... prolly I am missing sumthing...
Oh, and at least for the MorphOS ages ago there was a (dirrrty) demo running on my machines: obviously I played with it, but I got bored by its unstability pretty soon... v1.0 for classic Amigas anyone?

>You can take a look at it's feature set here:
>You really should know better than judging an OS from just looking at >screenshots. You could've atleast read the feature set before dismissing the >entire AmigaOS4 team's hard work, you know...

I read that feature list many times, long time ago: but after a while, the only happiness I got from it, was printing it and using the papers to smack my biatch up... are you really happy with a fscking .pdf filled with crap marketing nice'n'gorgeous words?
D'ya really have enough?? If so, I got many brochures here for you to play with.
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